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Ozone Generator

We are engaged in offering a wide range of Ozone Generators, which is made using advanced technology machines. These systems are highly efficient and help to inactivate and control algae, fungi, bacteria and viruses. Our Ozone Generators are widely appreciated by the clients for high quality standards. Our range complies to set with industry standards, and finds application in diversified industry verticals. The ozone generators offered by us are used in direct filtration processes and also works as an intermediate or pre-oxidant in organic as well as inorganic matters. These help in eliminating different matter such as taste, odor, colour compounds, removes turbidity, iron and manganese. It is an eco-friendly machine and leaves behind non-toxic substances or elements in the water as against the ill effects of chlorine.


Our ozone generator adopts the most advanced discharge tube design and precise machining techinques to ensure the outstanding performance and reliability. The performance parameter have achieved international advanced level.

Our oxgen-feed ozone generator can reach the ozone concentration of 0 - 270 mg/L. The lowest operation cost can be obtained at the ozone concentration of 150 mg/L, the power consumption is 8.5 kwh/kg ozone, 7Nm3 gas consumption, 1.6 m3 cooling water.

Our air-feed ozone generator can reach the ozone concentration of 0 - 50 mg/L. The lowest operation cost can be obtained at the ozone concentration of 30 mg/L, the power consumption is 16 kwh/kg ozone, 16 Nm3 gas consumption, 3.4 m3 cooling water.

Our ozone generator adopts module design, enables the assembly work from small scale to large scale. The industrial grade rated ozone production is within the range from 0.1 kg/h to 60 kg/h, suitable for various applications.

Our series ozone generator adopts high frequency discharge technology, has a smaller size, and effectively reduce the space requirement.

Our series ozone generator has excellent automatic performance because of its advanced industrial control system. System data collection and automatic control can be realized through control center.

Our series ozone generator adopts international first-class corollary equipment to improve system realibility and also apply supplies advanced ozone auxiliary equipments and technologies, such as ozone vent destructor, ozone concentration monitor, ozone diffuser, and ozone advanced oxidation technology and so on.

Our company has powerful scientific and technical strength, can offer all-directional technical solutions, technical consultation and entrusted experiments to customer.


High frequency circuit

Air cooled ozone cells

Longer life design

Inbuilt air compressor


Drinking water treatment

Municipal wastewater and reclaimed water

Industrial waste water Swimming pool

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Pulp Bleaching Papermaking Industry

Food and beverage

Semiconductor Industry

Off-gas discharge

Process water

Cooling water