Misty Cool Evaporative Air Cooler

About Misty Cool Evaporative Air Cooler

MISTY COOL Evaporative air cooler & Industrial Humidification systems uses water to observe heat from the air during the evaporation process to bring down the air temperature. In Operation, a water pump circulates water from the water tank provided in the air cooler keeping the cooling pad wet. The fan provided in the cooler brings in the outside warm air to the cooler passing through the cooling pad. As the air passes through the wetted cooling pad, some of the water is being evaporated due to heat in the outside air. Thus by causing the air to cool down (This process is known as Latent heat of evaporation ), So we get a cool and humidified air which is taken through the duct lines to cool and humidify the required area.

MISTY COOL Evaporative air cooler & Industrial Humidification systems can be installed with intelligent clean, pre filters & ozone systems to ensure clean and Hygienic air.

Industrial evaporative Air cooler manufacturer in coimbatore


commercial & Industrial evaporative air cooling system manufacturer coimbatore

We are a well-know supplier of a wide range of Industrial Humidification systems and allied Instruments. Our range is fabricated using raw material procured from reliable vendors of Industry.

1) Water distribution tray

It is uniquely designed in our system to provide the uniform distribution of water to all the cooling pads and to prevent water leakage to the duct lines.

2) Cabinate

Long life UV resistant all-weather with anti-corrosive body

3) Facial Panel

Long life UV resistant all-weather panel which can Hold the filter

4) Cooling Pad

Imported form globally leading brands.
High saturation efficiency for maximum performance.
Resistant to wear and deterioration.
UV resistant.

5) Dust Filter

Filter are provided to prevent the coarse dust from the atmospheric air entering into the cooling pads

6) Solenoid Valve For water in let

Are provided for water in-let to the tank which is also used for auto drain & Intelligent clean

7) Control panel

Design for energy saving
All-Weather with anti-corrosive body

8) Water level sensor

Precisely designed for accurate detection of water level which is used for auto drain, pre cooling pump protection & Intelligent clean

9) Drain Valve

Used to drain water from the water sump as per the customize settings
Designed for long life Drain valves are mainly used for auto Drain & Intelligent clean

10) Water Pump

Designed for continuous operation which is also protected with dry run

11) Float Valve

It is provide for additional safety after solenoid valve to prevent water leakage


Our range of products has distinctive features which include:

Easy to install & use

Robust construction


Environment friendly

Resistance to corrosion

Superior functioning

Optimum performance

Precision engineering

Reduced power consumption


Low maintenance

Highest air flow

Maximum pressure

Axial Fans

Variable fan speeds

Low noise

Maximum area coverage

Quality cooling pads

Maximum drive distance

UV resistant cabinet

Unique dampers facilities

Study and durable water pump

Multi optional remote controller and wall controller

Overload production

Intelligent clean

Pre cooling

Group controller

Auto temperature and Humidity controller

All our Products are results of Research and Development by highly skilled people and they are tested before being pushed into production. Our MISTY COOL Evaporative air coolers & Industrial Humidification systems are acknowledged by the clients for obtaining relative humidity, cooling effect and much more.


The Effective Supply air Temperature table here is taken into consideration that the Wind – Chill effect of an average cooling sensation of 2˚C. To predict the Supply Air Effective Temperature first select the Outside Air Dry- Bulb Temperature Range and Find the Relative Humidity % present in the outside air using this parameters you can find the supply Air Effective Temperature in the table given below.

Outside Air Outside Air Dry-Bulb Temperature°C
RH(%) 30 31 3233 3435 36 37 3839 40
35 21 21 2223 2425 26 26 2728 29
40 22 22 2324 2526 2627 2829 30
45 22 23 2425 2627 2728 2930
50 23 2425 2627 2728 2930
55 2425 2627 2728 2930
60 25 2626 2728 2930
65 25 262728 2930
70 262728 2930
75 2728 2930
80 2828 2930