About Aqua Fog Max

The AQUA FOG MAX HUMIDIFICATIONS is an effective alternative to traditional methods of humidification. The AQUA FOG MAX HUMIDIFICATIONS is an arrangement of special atomizing fog nozzles located along a network of specially designed and fabricated copper tubing fog line. Utilizing a specially designed fog pump module, which provides extremely high water pressure, the atomizing nozzles convert water into billions of aerosol-sized water particles capable of achieving the highest levels of evaporative efficiency possible.

Controlled by a multitude of electronic methods and a central computerized control module or a simple on / off switch, using ' MAX HUMIDIFICATIONS you can save the electricity cost by up to 90%.Our experienced technical staff will gladly guide you through the process of design, purchase and installation of a system for your particular application, be it commercial, industrial or residential.

RO Technical Water Based Fogging Systems

RO TECHNICAL WATER BASED FOGGING SYSTEMS AQUA FOG MAX HUMIDIFICATIONS equipment is designed for use with Technical (RO) water less than 100 ppm with all wetted surfaces made of stainless steel, Brass and include every imaginable option for safe and reliable operation in any environment or application. The wide range of the Advanced industrial quality pump modules features and options include, Temperature Set Level Control Humidification Set Level Control Low water shutdown ( Pump Protection ) Available in virtually any size with a nozzle capacity from One up to Infinity. AQUA FOG MAX HUMIDIFICATIONS ADVANCED SERIES FOG modules operate at pressures between 800 and 1200 PSI. Just a few examples of the most popular applications include Industrial Humidification Control Temperature Control Dust Control Wood Production Facilities Static Electricity Reduction Green House Humidification Control.


QUA FOG MAX HUMIDIFICATIONS Total Humidity Controller (THC) can be switched between humidify and dehumidify mode for removing unwanted tmospheric moisture accumulating within an enclosed area or to add needed moisture to the air by means of the AQUA FOG MAX HUMIDIFICATIONS system. The THC-1 humidity switch controls the AQUA FOG MAX HUMIDIFICATIONS system by providing power when humidity varies from the adjustable set point.
In the dehumidifying mode high humidity conditions will activate fans or other dehumidifying apparatus until level drops approximately 0.1 % in relative humidity. At this point dehumidifying equipment is disabled until humidity increases again 01 °/0.The humidity controller is designed specifically for controlling humidity in closed environments such as textile industries, paper industries, greenhouses, wood and furniture processing and manufacturing plants. Its easy to set and operate. This unit can be used independently or as part of a combination of control devices to coordinate numerous atmospheric functions. This controller can be switched from humidify to dehumidify with a push of a button.


Microprocessor controlled for improved accuracy
Accurate control between 0-100% RH with a 0.1% differential for improved response
Relative humidity with built-in temperature compensation ( Optional )
Built in Humidifier and dehumidify control Facility
Built in with delay timerfacility
Red, illuminated display
Operates on 220 VAC with 5 Amp switching capacity
5 Amp relay for reliability


Humidistat Range : 0-100°/0 RH
Humidistat Differential : 0.1% RH
Operating Temperature : 32-120°F (0-50°C) optional
Operating Humidity : Non-Condensing Environment ( 0-100% RH)
Voltage Input : 220 VAC
Voltage Output : 220 VAC